Oz The Carpenter

Hi, I'm Philip Osman, known locally as Oz The Carpenter!

I do domestic work in the King's Heath and Moseley areas of South Birmingham, UK.
Find out more at "Meet Oz", but if you need any help or would like to talk to me about a project, it’s best to contact me on my mobile number: 07816 622 459
Update 8th November 2021
I am receiving a large number of enquiries at the moment. I am also very booked up with work and it may take some time before I get back to you.
I only work in the Kings Heath area.
You can explore my website for more information and you can also find more pics of the kind of work I do on the Oz the Carpenter Facebook page.
I am sorry that I cannot be more helpful.

Established 1994

Fully Insured

Philip Osman
'Oz The Carpenter'
22 Nutgrove Close
Birmingham, B14 7HU
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Tel : 0121 441 4766
Mobile : 07816 622 459
Email : oz@ozthecarpenter.co.uk